photography | art | music

My most important occupation is being an artist.  My art mediums include; painting, photography, poetry, singing, and musical composition.  My style in art generally adheres to the variables of abstract expressionism.  My paintings and music are founded on my own tactual dynamism - my identity, or,  dynamic spirit.  One should be able to paint and construct music as one feels, rendering through the medium, how one feels in the purest form in a moment in time.  In musical arts I have the means to produce spontaneous ad libitum expressions of how I feel in respect to the stimuli around me.  But, I can carry this deeper to a personal level and express the depth of my past experience.  Much of my art derives from this feeling method in both external and internal stimulation. 

I would be nothing without people to share with - that is to speak with and feel what is our universal bond.

Lisa Chase